Katie Boeck


A "poet and a prophetess," a "revelation," Katie Boeck is more than just a singer/songwriter, she is a Communicator. Her unique brand of soulful folk driven by her seraphic vocals and strong melodies has identified her as an ambitious and versatile emerging artist. Since graduating from UCLA's school of Theater, Film and Television, Katie has created her niche as the guitar-strumming actress of Los Angeles. From appearances in Deaf West & The Forest of Arden's critically acclaimed remounting of Duncan Sheik's smash musical Spring Awakening, to her major TV moment performing "Ave Maria" in HBO's hit series The Newsroom, Katie is connecting with a diverse audience and utilizing her gift of storytelling whether it be through her interpretation of others' works, or with her own catalogue of songs.


After following in the footsteps of fellow Bruins Sara Bareilles and Maroon 5, winning UCLA's widely known campus talent competition Spring Sing for a record-breaking 3 years in a row, Katie dove into the world of independent artistry, playing her songs in a variety of venues, listening rooms and theaters across the country. From Hotel Café to Rockwood Music Hall, Katie has come a long way from her roots in rural Montana. However, it was her 6 month journey performing as the lead singer of an all-girl pop group throughout India, an experience complete with Eat, Pray, Love-esque inspiration, that resulted in a 6-song, Kickstarter funded EP entitled "Speaking of You" that elegantly chronicles her early 20's, addressing the notions of attachment and uncertainty as it relates to romantic and familial love. Live tracked at the Fortress in downtown LA, the players are precise and yet sensitive. The songs themselves are ruminative, musing, pensive and fundamentally intelligent. Katie's vocals are ethereal and yet also adroit, with harmonies that are tastefully offered allowing everything to mesh tightly, but not statically. While her EP is an impressive debut, its live on stage where Katie's true spirit as a natural-born performer can be witnessed. A beautiful and transparent singer/songwriter with "awesome talent and a captivating stage presence--[Katie Boeck's] live performance is as impressive as any we've seen around the LA music scene."--Blue House Records





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